I am fascinated by how we meet the challenges imposed upon us by our collective past, in particular what it means to inherit histories of mass violence. To approach these questions I record performances at my home, photograph at sites of past mass killing, and observe personal and societal responses. My work also ranges more widely, from portrait-and-interview depictions of communities to interactive public sculptures to semi-abstract photographs. 


Act 1. Year 2, November

The More That Is Taken Away is an earthwork and performance meditating on atrocity, set in the context of my home. Scheduled for completion in 2019, work has extended over eight years. It includes video, sound, and large-format B&W photographs. The work can be exhibited as a single-channel video, as photographs with limited video, or as an installation.


Entrance, Auschwitz II-Birkenau Death Camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau State Memorial and Museum. Republic of Poland

Site/Sight was selected for the Houston Center for Photography's 2015 Fellowship. The solo show ran from May to July, 2015, then moved to the Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. It was at Light Work in Syracuse, NY in 2016. 


Ravensbrück Concentration Camp for Women. Federal Republic of Germany

Seeing Memorials is a large body of photographs made as a vistor to sites of mass killing and their associated memorials. The images use a variety of renderings of the sites: formal, romantic, and offbeat, together with images of text fragments.