The More That Is Taken Away is a meditation on genocide and what it means to inherit such histories. A seven-year solo attempt to come to terms with historical evil, it takes place at a mass-grave-like excavation behind my house in rural upstate New York. It is a performance in three Acts: an extended meditation, a memorial, and a personal reflection. Begun in late 2011, the work is planned to conclude in 2018. The traces of the work are a complete video record and large-format black-and-white photographs. These materials are exhibited in a variety of ways, from a mid-length movie to a large installation with the photographs, projections, and multi-channel video. The photographs can also stand alone.

Project Statement

Short Introductory Video 

Longer Video  

These are work-in-progress edits. The final version is expected to run about 35 minutes. The clips are chosen from the full-length video record of the project.

Earthwork Photographs (Act 1)


Performance Photographs (Act 2)

Photographs, Act 3  


Google Earth view. Act I, Year Three, May