The More That Is Taken Away brings violent histories to my home. It is a performance in three Acts: an extended meditation, a memorial, and a personal reflection. It takes place behind my house in rural upstate New York. Begun in late 2011, the work is planned to conclude in 2018. The traces of my performances are a full-length video record and large-format black-and-white photographs. These materials are exhibited in a variety of ways, from single-channel video to a large installation with the photographs, projections, and multi-channel video. The photographs can also stand alone.

Project Statement

Short Introductory Video 

Longer Video  

These are work-in-progress edits of very short clips from the full-length documantation of the work. They do not cover the whole project, which is not quite completed. 

Installation at Handwerker Gallery, November - December 2016

Earthwork Photographs (Act 1)

Performance Photographs (Act 2)


Photographs, Act 3  

Google Earth view. Act I, Year Three, May