In my original 2006 project I photographed people providing service, sales, and deliveries to support my comfortable life style in a large Victorian house on the North Side of Chicago.

Palladium prints from original project anchoring exhibiton at ArtRage Gallery, Syracuse, NY, March 2016

In 2015 a group of photographers from Syracuse, NY, undertook a similar project under my guidance, resulting in an exhibiton at ArtRage Gallery and in windows in downtown Syracuse, plus a 30-minute video created by Courtney Rile and Michael Barletta of Daylight Blue Media (trailer here). The gallery show consisted of twenty-nine portraits by the Syracuse artists and eleven from the original Chicago work. The participing photographers and their subjects found that their experience and understanding of their city and communities was deepened and expanded by their interactions. The exhibition was curated by Rose Viviano and Kim McCoy of ArtRage, Bob Gates, and Ben Altman.

Participating artists: Marilu Fretts, Steve Reiter, Rosalie Spitzer, Sarah Pralle, Justine Fenu, Diane Lansing, Kerry Thurston, D. J. Igelsrud, Diana Green, Brenda Mohammed, Diana Whiting, Michael O'Connor, Bob Gates, Ben Altman

Link to original project People Who Came To My House