For DreamSofa I build a sofas in attractive locations that are sometimes a little difficult to find. Each sofa is made largely of materials found at the site. I build in a sign inviting visitors to send me photographs and thoughts, and to embellish the sofa if they wish. These contributions form the traces of work, which usually succumbs to natural or human forces.

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Dreamsofa 7 - American Conversations. Stone Hill Quarry Art Park, Cazenovia, NY

December 8, 2016, final stages of construction.


July 7, 2017. Photo by Bob Gates. I'm delighted that someone has added to the back of the piece!

Dreamsofa 6 - New Zealand

19 February, 2013

The left side of the view...

... and to the right


Here I am enjoying the sofa and the view. Dreamsofa 6 is in the New Zealand Alps. Many thanks to friends Chris and Debbie for a piece of their wrecked boat for the sign - and the use of their workshop to engrave the lettering.

28 February, 2013


Here's Huw and friend Laura enjoying the views - their photo shows the rest of the panorama, behind the sofa. It's 360 degrees... Huw is the first to send a photo, nearly two weeks after I was there - maybe not too many people make it to this summit. It's a bit off the beaten track, and a long hike up.


Portrait of the sofa itself. This one is a little crude. Limitations - of space on the top of the mountain and strength to move some of the large rocks by myself - kept me to more of a love-seat size. But it's pretty sturdy; I stacked a lot of rocks behind. It's surprisingly comfortable. I had to remove the existing summit cairn and rebuild it a few feet away; it turned out to be the home of hundreds of flies - surprise! Fortunately they did not seem to be the biting kind.



April 14, 2013

Stephanie and partner Vincent (below) from Australia sent in these photos from their cloudy late-season training hike. They have a full schedule planned including Mt Rainier and Mont Blanc.


February 1, 2014

Survived the Southern Hemisphere winter! Thanks to Mike who sent in this first 2014 picture.

"I live at (Xxxx) - which is about 50 miles from Dreamsofa6 (and pretty much the closest inhabited place to it).  I found the sofa on the second morning of a two day solo walk, having approached the mountain from the opposite side to where 99%+ ascents come from. Having had two days with no sign of other people, no tracks, no bridges, no huts, it was a surprise to find a sofa!  The rebuilt summit cairn looked (from a distance) like the silhouette of a person as it appeared out of the mist, so I was expecting to have company when I arrived on the summit - but alas, no......just a sofa.
I worked for the NZ Department of Conservation (which manages national parks) for more than 27 years and only finished there recently.  The Kiwi ethic in our wilderness is very strongly to "take only photographs and leave only footprints" so I had a bit of a negative first reaction to seeing such a conspicuous alteration of the mountain top rocks.  But then I thought - hey, there are plenty of other mountain tops, I can see at least a hundred just from here that don't have sofas on them.........and it's nice to have a comfy place to rest and soak in the view!  It's really just a cairn that you can sit on anyway.
A huge cumulonimbus rolled over the top after I had been there for 10 minutes, so I legged it down into the mist and home for a beer.
Dreamsofa6 is very sturdy.  It will get deeply buried in snow every winter, but being on the summit it will not get damaged by snow creep when the pack melts in spring.  Unless a human deliberately pulls it apart, I would expect it to still be there in fifty or a hundred year's time (although the wind will take the sign away long before then)."
February 25, 2014

Christian from Zürich, Switzerland found a beautiful day to hike up the mountain and get away from the sandflies on the West coast!

March 9, 2014

Helena from the Czech Republic: " NZ for working holiday. I got 2 days off so went for a trip, the weather was just perfect, bit cold wind up there though. Liked the hike, the of the best I've seen so far.

The sofa was a nice surprise after the climbing and also surprisingly comfortable;)

Thanks again, hope it will stay there as long as possible:)"

April 26, 2014

Florian: "I'm from the french Alps (Évian), 29 years old. I travel trough New Zealand to discover this beautiful country (when it's not raining) especially the mountains. 
I spent 2 nights in (Xxx) Hut, to wait the good weather, it was raining the first day and probably snowing at the top that's why you can see a little bit of snow. The second night the sky was so clear that i knew the next morning should be great to climb. During this night it was freezing so the track to get to the summit was frozen. But the view was perfect, no clouds 360° awesome. 
So i enjoyed the sofa, and i was dreaming to live there... 
It's a good project, i like the idea i wish more people will participate."

May 7, 2014

Anja, Rick, Ferdi and David from Germany

The day on was pretty cloudy, we just got a few glimpses to the southern Mountains. But we had a lot fun by sliding down the snowfields and playing games in the hut. Up there were a couple of brown butterflies. I haven't seen butterflies so high before. The day afterwards it was still cloudy and we went to the Glacier. Then we heard that the next day is supposed to be sunny. So we stayed nearly out of food one day more to go on. It was really worth it. We had an awesome view, no clouds the whole day. We had to stop on the ridge before the peak, because the snow got to steep and we didn't had crampons with us. So we went back over the Glacier :). The next days our eyes were hurting, because we had just one pair of sunglasses what we reached through all the time ^^.
It is an nice idea with the sofa- Maybe I also make one on a trip.

14 December 2014

From Riverrun

19 December 2014

No need to rebuild, very comfortable, very nice idea ;) Regards, Janusz

We (me and my son Bartek) reached the summit on 19 December 2014 some time around 2pm after climbing for 3 hours ( I do not walk too fast) from the hut. The weather was not good, mostly clouds and fog (as you can see from the pictures). It started raining on our way down and it rained all night and next day all our way down to a car park under Fantail Falls. A swollen creek at the bottom of the ridge created a problem much bigger than climbing the mountain. We almost had to "swim" it to get to our car at the car park to catch our flight back to Sydney next day. Oh, I forgot to add that my son lives and works in Sydney and I live and work in Wollongong about 60kms south from Sydney.

If you plan to publish my picture on the sofa then please also publish my son's picture attached to this email. He enjoyed your sofa very much, well, you can see it from the picture, he, he, ....



There's no Dreamsofa 5 - I couldn't get that Gmail address...





Dreamsofa 4 was created as part of The Farm Project 2012 in Garrison, NY, an outdoor art show curated and run by Collaborative Concepts. They gave me a nice hilltop site.


24 August 2012

DreamSofa 4: complete, ready for use and for alterations/additions by visitors.

I brought in the flat pavers, but the other rocks are from the farm. The lumber is driftwood from the Hudson river foreshore. I cut the grass by hand with a scythe, leaving the hay in windrows as part of the work.

The sign invites use and interventions.

Son Toby and friend Emily Barton helped with the second phase of construction.


26 August 2012

E-mailed message and photo from Martin. Almost a short story...

I was on my morning saunter with my dogs Froya and Thor when we stumbled upon a dreamsofa in a field one late August morning. I sat down with my mug of steaming brew to rest and take in the view. It was one of those crisp, almost-autumn days, the sun hung low over the horizon and cast the field in a light, golden hue.

It's not everyday one comes across a dreamsofa. In fact, this one was the first I'd ever seen. Judging from the email address engraved on the wooden plaque- I decided there must be at least four. What does one do in this dreamsofa? Considering the placement of this particular one- on a green plateaued cow pasture in the Hudson Highlands, overlooking a series of rolling blue hills extending to what one could imagine was the edge of the Earth- I supposed one could dream of how romantic it would be to sit on that hill with a sweetheart and embrace her and kiss her till lips and hands and necks and bodies were numb. And that's just what I dreamt about for a short while.

But my lady has left me.

My lady, whom I've named my lady for four years left me the night before my dogs and I discovered the dreamsofa. And so as I sat on this bench and tried to dream about making out until i was numb, I thought about my lost lady until my heart was numb.

Four years ago, on a late August eve, my lady and I sat at the very spot where the dreamsofa now lives, and watched the moon rise above the edge of the Earth. That was the night we first kissed. If only I could have my last kiss with her there again. If only.

(I heard much later that they got back together.)



1 September 2012 - Opening of The Farm Project

I arrived at the opening day to find some considerable intervention had already occurred. Cows or people? Birds, for sure -  a direct hit.

Visit from a felllow exhibitor and family

I made a few adjustments.

Parasol - just the thing; it was pretty hot.

Some good conversations

A favorite photo - from the end of the day...



22 September 2012

Scott and Sally make a visit.


30 September 2012

Repair visit - this is how I found things... cows and people have been busy. Ethics of the artist intervening in the process?? I decided this is at an art show not a "public" setting and I can get away with it. So...

After some repairs. I inked-in the sign as the carved letters were getting a bit faint.





7 October 2012

From Melissa and Lu. Lu says she added some grass to make it comfy... Must have been after Melissa took the photo. Looks like the cows and the phantom plank-mover have struck again... At least the plank-mover did something more thoughtful this time. Maybe it's someone from the farm who does not want cows tripping on the projecting parts? But the back is pretty messed up.



November 13, 2012

Dreamsofa 4 final configurations. Demolished after a delay caused by Hurricane Sandy.